Following a string of successful singles, Vancouver-based electronic-meets-rock band Olloway keep up the momentum with the release of their debut EP, HauntedAvailable everywhere today, Haunted is a captivating and indelible listen that gives a deeply personal glimpse into an ending relationship.

Uniquely combining their tight modern production with soaring guitars and lively production, Olloway is carving out a lane of their own on HauntedThe four-song EP includes their three past releases, “August,” “Haunted” and “Moving Out,” as well as one new single, “Something Missing.”

Kicking off the EP, “August,” is a song about a couple parting ways when one goes off to college. They make a promise to stay together despite knowing deep down that the distance will likely drag them apart. “Haunted” continues the tale of this couple as they lose touch and “Moving Out” acts as an acceptance that the relationship is no more. It’s both a cathartic release of emotion and an empowering anthem to move on from something that isn’t working anymore. The EP concludes with “Something Missing,” a song that explores the mixed feelings that arise after seeing an ex years later and how, in many ways, love always lingers.

For a brand new band, Olloway have seen unprecedented support. Their past three singles have made it on to Spotify’s highly coveted New Music Friday and their initial single, “August,” charted on Spotify Canada’s Viral Charts. It’s clear that the Haunted EP is really only the beginning for this rising new band.

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Olloway is the collaboration of two high school friends, Paul Kane and Brett Fabian. Olloway’s sound is a combination of their astute production skills and the rock music that inspired their youth, thus creating a unique genre-bending sound that is unlike anything out there.

The two originally met in high school back in 2006 but it wasn’t until 2014 when Paul and Brett embarked on their first musical project, FKYA. Under the moniker FKYA, the duo quickly gained traction with a Hype Machine #1, a Monstercat release, and official remixes for The Chainsmokers, Krewella and The Naked and Famous.

However, Brett and Paul felt that as they began to grow as musicians, the FKYA brand no longer fit and, thus, Olloway was born.