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At times, there’s just a quality of sound. It’s genuinely an often recurring, pattern of chords strummed together by either a guitar or perhaps even a piano, and somehow or another, you just enticingly allow it in. Such could possibly be how a genre is better interpreted, or it could just be how a generation has felt more comfortably inclined about expressing themselves on an aural level. Either way, as far as a listening experience, it just works; you simply feel good about it being a Pop song you’d call, good. These are the sentiments that are soundly sojourning throughout OBB’s newest Pop release, “7 Billion.”

OBB is a Pop band from Atlanta, Georgia; they’re composed of a three dimensional kinship of bros, Jacob, Nich, and Zack Oswald. Since around 2008 they’ve recorded, toured, and performed feverishly for crowds that have numerated small club venues to larger stadium sized showcases. OBB’s music has also received the accolades of endorsement savvy by way of their hit “Mona Lisa” which was featured by Google, as well as an episode of the widely popular Texas entertainment group “Dude Perfect.” Their radio airplay numbers are astronomically off the charts, and their most recent EP features some of their best hits, “Mona Lisa,” “Sweater,” and the title track, “Is This A Thing?” all of which have been deemed by critics as an undeniable success.

OBB’s “7 Billion,” features a chordal guitar progression strum after an acapella intro and Zach effortlessly singing, “Layin’ here with you is easy, / We don’t even have to try. / Just the sound of two hearts beatin’, / Hiding nothin’ in our eyes.” Then there is a ginger root warm and heartfelt refrain of, “With you I know I can be myself, / I don’t have to act like someone else.” The chorus charmingly chimes in playing well with the song title with, “7 billion people, For me there’s only you, / 7 billion people, How did I get you?” The remainder of “7 Billion” dances virtually rhythmically and melodically identical to the aforementioned sections, but still, OBB somehow constructionally weaves this by way of “7 Billion” without any listening regrets.

We wrote this song from a personal place in discussing how comfortable and natural we all feel around our significant other. And how lucky we are to have found someone that loves us despite all our quirks.” says band member Jacob Oswald.

OBB’s “7 Billion” simply sounds and feels like a chart-worthy hit. Its progressions, Its patterns of melodic rhythm, along with its passion, purely placate “7 Billion” to likely be hearkened as celebrated acoustical Pop mainstream. I’d never lowkey listened to an entire OBB project, yet after listening to “7 Billion,” I knew I’d somehow already heard of them. That along with the sincere magic of an amorous anthem to your reason for rising everyday, is the magical beauty behind “7 Billion” by OBB. Everyone adores a good love song, but if you constructively decorate it for the masses, you’re almost assured of its relevance to at least a few hundred or so, listeners and viewers.

“We shot the acoustic music video at the Bonneville salt flats. We wanted it to keep the same aspects of the official music video, but be more stripped back so the viewer could focus more on the lyrics and the meaning behind the song and hopefully be able to relate it to someone in their life,” says Jacob.

In the case of OBB, whose previous EP was streamed over 60 million times, they haven’t quite reached the 7 Billion stream mark yet, but I’m pretty sure you get the gist of it; OBB’s latest single “7 Billion,” along with their latest EP has definitely given us plenty of reason to believe it’s at the very least, possible.

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