Following the release of his powerful ‘Refugee’ EP unveiled earlier this year, Brooklyn-based Israeli artist O Mer returns today with “Anthem,” the first of a new selection of politically and artistically charged songs.

Anthem” is a synthesis of explosive dramatic synths, grandiose chord progressions, brooding vocals, and a poignant lyrical message. O Mer creates a complex sonic atmosphere that is both haunting and enchanting.

“I wrote this song in praise of individuality. About the feeling of being put inside a box. Politically and artistically,” O Mer writes of his new release. “Nuanced views are rarely encouraged these days. The world is messy and complex. To see no flaws in oneself and flaws only in everyone else seems to be a recipe for miscommunication. It replaces thinking and listening with walls and hardline ideologies.” Expanding on how it all relates to his music, O Mer continues, “As a musician I always had a hard time working inside one genre. I don’t see a big difference between electronic music, Middle-Eastern music and soul. Genres and ideas need to be allowed to be mixed and matched freely, that’s how they evolve. I think most people can relate to this feeling, of not wanting to be put in a box and have a chance to create their own ‘language.’”

Emerging from the Tel Aviv underground, now Brooklyn based, O Mer’s music is full of symbolic meaning. Political, existential, and autobiographical. He’s a multi-genre composer, filling the role of singer, guitarist, and producer. With previous support from Pigeons & Planes, Annie Mac, NYLON and Ones To Watch, O Mer is emerging as a breath of fresh air, creating sounds that are uniquely and distinctly his own.

Catch O Mer performing live on December 12th at Berlin NYC, presented by HereHereNYC. Tickets are available here.