LISTEN & SHARE: Nobody’s Baby – “Heartache”
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San Francisco-based death doo-wop band Nobody’s Baby share their new single “Heartache,”off their upcoming S/T EP. “Heartache“ is inspired by equal parts Sam Cooke, Buzzcocks, and Reigning Sound. A doo-wop-abilly guitar riff weaves around full blast drums and an insistent bass line, while Peter and Katie call and respond screams of teenage heartbreak and love games. Nobody’s Baby EP is out 8/16 – keep an eye out for local dates TBA around the release. 

The pounding debut EP from Nobody’s Baby honors the brash sincerity of doo-wop and 60’s Girl Groups, whilst dragging up the grim undertones of modern life. Beneath the layers of unhinged guitar, duel female/male vocals, and troglodyte drums lies a melodramatic teenage tale told in five burning tracks. The songwriting is a collaboration between guitarists Katie Rose and Peter Niven — themes range from the “live fast, die young” attitude to the stubborn heartbreak of young love. The band’s sound boils between shockingly modern (turn it down!) to warm and fuzzy tube glory all within a single track. The EP was recorded and mixed with ringing ears at District Recording by the band’s drummer, Ryan Perras.

From the squealing tires, the kick, kick kick, snare, young love, and the blood curdling scream — Nobody’s Baby rises from the wreck. Formed around the idea of capturing the raw honesty buried in early 60’s cheese schlock, Nobody’s Baby conjures Shangri-Las on a Saturday night speed binge, Del Shannon still drunk on a Monday morning, and Buddy Holly post-plane crash. The band writes a love letter to all of this. They spill their misunderstood hearts on the page, with blown out female/male vocals, vintage fuzz pedals, trashcan reverb, and cave dweller drums. The end result is a Death Doo-Wop funeral parade — everyone’s invited.

Nobody’s Baby emerged from the Bay Area independent music scene in 2018, combining members of The Atom Age and Dirty Denim. Currently performing with bands such as Naked Giants, Twin Temple and The Undertones, they’re set to release their first EP this summer followed by a West Coast tour.

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