Having made serious noise already with the release of his most recently released album Otherland, Berliner by way of New Zealand Noah Slee looks to captivate listeners once again with the timely release of his newest single “Soulflower”

Check out “Soulflower” HERE

Experimental in its approach, Slee is in fine form with his own unique style of contemporary R&B. His smooth, soulful vocals are the centrepiece of this latest offering, complemented with lush harmonies and beautiful falsetto.

“Soulflower” is progressive and left-leaning with its genius mix of shifting rhythm patterns and synth melodies – a staple with the ‘future bounce’ sound. It’s an eargasm that doesn’t lack in penmanship, certainly adding character and depth to an already bubbling R&B movement.

Speaking on his newest release, Noah shared: “This song is my dedication to the one that got away, Soulflower. Sometimes society, timing whatever circumstances you face when in a relationship forces a gap in your love for one another with no bridge to cross. The process of revisiting memories and making a song from them brought me so much joy. My thoughts are still so raw and pure. I love when a song helps you in that away and is also phat and sexy.”

An emphatically musical being in every sense of the word, the Tongan crooner’s incredible discography, which includes his award winning 2017 album Otherland, has seen his stock rise exponentially.

Two world tours under his belt and peaking interest at festivals such as SXSW 2018, Slee’s creative flair has seen him venture into the worlds of visual-art and dance, helping to produce the 2018 short-film, …and so, we move to Otherlands, which combines music, dance and aesthetic videography.

Looking ahead, expect a full EP drop before the end of this year, crafted largely by Slee and the help of other renowned international creatives – from fellow Berliner Ben Esser to London talent Beau Diako and Lvther as well as Hiyatus Kaiyote’s Paul Bender and Simon Mavin. Noah Slee is as determined as ever to thrive in the creative process and produce audio masterpieces that move through genres while doing so.