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Contemporary Pop band and Interscope Record signee Nightly, brings us their latest single “No Call, No Reply.” The collar cooly new song recalls an unrequited romance. Like most of Nightly’s music, the single is all glisten and gloom counterbalanced in a gloss of charm, and sounds to be a telltale sign of Nightly’s previous and prospective sound designs.

Nightly nuzzled into notoriety via the originating endeavors of the nucleic kinship of two cousins: Joey Beretta and Jonathan Capeci. Being born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was more than a theme tune for these two, as they were literally making music together at around the ages when most of us were initially hoping to. Such sojourned the two into amping up their band toys into actual guitars, and that symbolically stemmed into the duo departing to The Music City of the United States: Nashville Tennessee. Their Music City move morphed Beretta and Capeci, who united with drummer Nicholas Sainato into Nightly’s first project “XO”; this became a featured release from their first EP, honest.

“For us, ‘no call, no reply’ was the perfect bridge between where we are as a band and where we’re going. That’s why we decided it should be the first release for us in 2019. Probably the most personal and blunt I’ve ever been in lyrics and something we’re really happy to share with our fans,” say band member Jonathan.

“No Call, No Reply” subvertingly revels by way of an unwavering guitar lick that both levitates and lures listeners in from start to finish. The prime-savvy productive prowess of Nightly on “No Call, No Reply” could be contributed to their major label signing, but keep in mind that is because these are well-polished musicians.

The lyrical intensity of Nightly’s latest single as well as their previous works also accentuate an acceptance that they’re worth their production efforts. Lyrics like, “Every night, all in my head, / Wishing you’d send a sign. / Don’t you know that I cannot read your mind…” aesthetically refrain into the choristic and at moments funk laden preconize of the song. As well as the lyrics, “All that you say, all of this mess. / We could just leave behind. Don’t you know that I cannot read your mind…”

Nightly’s Contemporary Pop Single release “No Call, No Reply” has a soundtrack type of feel to it, but that’s in no way a slight toward Nightly. “No Call, No Reply” is good! It’s steady, elevating, and subversive enough amid its perspective’s separation anxiety to angle listeners into its instructive energy. In other words there’s a depth within Nightly that resonates within “No Call, No Reply,” and it’s interwoven insurmountably well enough throughout the entire song.

“No Call, No Reply” is one of those driving at night types of records, and those just happen to be one of my favorite kinds of tunes. For all of us nocturnal heart types, Nightly is definitely one that should be added to your playlist.

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