Unveiled today on Buzzfeed‘s Snapchat channel, nicopop.’s “Elephant” music video is a nostalgic ode to pop culture of the past. nicopop. takes us down memory lane with a curated amalgamation of iconic visuals from past decades, spanning movies, television shows, video games, and viral YouTube videos.

Drawing inspiration from the visual over stimulation of the early 2000s, electronic artist, animator, and producer nicopop. is the answer to two decades of pop culture obsession; internet consumption, celebrity excess, superstar magnificence, reality television gluttony, social media dependency, curation addiction, and art disruption.

nicopop. carves out a unique space in the electronic pop world, resurrecting a classic sound with an upbeat new twist. Growing up in the heyday of Britney Spears and inspired by today’s Poppy, Kim Petras, and Lil Miquela, nicopop. has fused a born-on-the-Internet aesthetic with an exciting sound.

Elephant,” which features vocals from Josh Woods, marked the debut single from the nicopop. project, but nicopop. promises that it’s the first of many tracks to come this year. With a keen eye for visuals, nicopop. also promises more indulgent pop culture and meme-ridden videos to accompany the captivating pop anthems. Bridging the gap between self-awareness and self-obsession, nicopop. is redefining pop music for the millennial generation.