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We all get them; those fun moments that sorta dip ya down into the ebbs until ya flow again. Yeah, even those times carry a vibe, and the new Alternative Pop/R&B Single release, “Mad” crafted by the duo who call themselves, NEKO X JAMES have curated a listening experience that seems to both antidote and embellish life’s reds and blues.  

NEKO X JAMES is an experimental Alternative Pop/R&B music fusion project that features the vocals and songwriting of Korean-American singer James Lee and the award-winning synthesized drenched music stylings of Swedish music producer Neko. NEKO X JAMES are fairly new as a duo, but by the sounds of their first single, “Automatic” and this latest release, “Mad,” they’ve been cooking up hits for ages. James brings his Majid Jordan styled vocal arrangements that angle together seemingly perfect with the Electronica charged sound designs produced by NEKO.  NEKO X JAMES’ musical creations can be streamed on Bandzoogle, Soundcloud, and Youtube.

Dreamy, heartfelt, and hypnotic are the musically productive tentpoles that design the sounds Neko has trapped out on via the latest fusional sound installment from the dynamic duo, NEKO X JAMES. James relentlessly, while candidly, croons about as much as Alternative R&B + Pop will allow.

“‘Mad’ was written with the same inspiration to move forward. It’s a bit more literal with the lyrics and is more anthemic with a serious tone,” says James Lee. “I did not want it to be overbearing like some songs on The Light EP, but I feel anybody who’s tired of letting their circumstances dictate their mood can connect to this track.”

In their latest single, “Mad,” NEKO X JAMES touch on life’s highs and lows by way of emotion. With lyrics like, ”I know what it feels likes when the world’s got ya feeling so low, / Tryna pick it up, cuz the pieces left its whole.” Such is adamantly appended chorally with, “I ain’t mad at the world no more…” which features the track’s title along with the song’s stigmatized emotional crest. Such makes for one helluva wave after the sensational sonic ride that the first single release, “Automatic,” took listeners on.   

I’ll say what you’re thinking, if you’ve already listened to NEKO X JAMES’ first Single, “Automatic” and “Mad” you’ll want an entire EP; although, I, like most listeners of their first song, will be quite content with an LP.

Given the receptions from fans, which can be viewed on James Lee’s Facebook, I’m probably not the only one who feels this way about NEKO X JAMES. I listen to a lot of Pop, R&B, Alternative, and Electronica, and the notion about NEKO X JAMES is conceptually clear. It could be the perceptual openness and creative roots of James conjoined with Neko’s award-winning productive esteem that ensues shine into their latest release, “Mad.” But, then again, maybe it’s just that they’re innate fans of the music that inspires them so much, that they can simultaneously tap into it, as well as manifest it pretty much magnificently. Either way, they’ve got “it,” and if there was any question if they could sophomorically sustain the tunic momentum from “Automatic”, it’s surreally answered on “Mad.”

If you’re about this new wave fusion of Alternative & R&B, then you’ll be “mad” out of your mind to miss NEKO X JAMES’ latest single.

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