Photo Credit: Derek Moffat

Chicago alt-rock crew Narrative revealed an emotional new single “Diamond” today, featuring a sound that is both delectably smooth and empowering. Loss and grief unfortunately hits each of us at some point throughout our lives and Narratives deep melodies gently touch the heart of each “Diamond” listener. “No one ever heals without guidance/becoming a diamond” brings a positive message of community and love into this tough topic.


“The song is about struggling with your own mentality and having to hide behind a “disguise” or “mask” to make your way through life.” said the band when asked about the singles meaning. Weathered and eroded, diamonds form only under high-pressure circumstances, a metaphor of life struggles that hold potential to mold those experiencing them into a stronger and overall better person.

Narrative is an alternative rock band for fans of Slaves, Sylar and Too Close to Touch from Chicago, formed in the summer of 2018 by guitarist Cliff Ross and vocalist Cade Armstrong. The first initial release of the single “Vague Answers” showed that deep tones, melodies, lyrics, and forces of an undeniable structure from their musicianship makes the character that is Narrative. Narrative continued to release songs into 2019 and followed up with their newest art in an EP co-written by renowned producer Erik Ron in Los Angeles.

Their newest release “White Noise” is a song from the Erik Ron collaboration and includes newest members Collins Funmaker (bass) and Andy Welsch (drums). Continuing on to work with Powerline Management into the new year, Narrative is nothing but ready to take over as your new favorite band.