“Time is a resource/To use and to treasure!” N0V3L cry on opener, “To Whom It May Concern.” Today, the DIY-art-music collective share a visual accompaniment to that call-to-action that captures the group’s Constructivist visual aesthetic and collectivist work ethic. N0V3L’s eight-track debut EP NOVEL is a fluorescent, freshly-scorched declaration of intent, a martial, brutalist slab of nimble melodics and group-yelped anti-capitalist mantras, and is out Feb 15th on Flemish Eye Records. The group tour the UK and Europe prior the release, with North American dates to come.

About the video, N0V3L say: “The video for ‘To Whom It May Concern’ embodies an open call to contemplation during a time of intense societal transition influenced by mass digital communication and media. The 20th century has given rise to a transitory generation whose formative years have been spent participating in the rise of the unignorable internet and the initial stages of a transformation in humanity. In this context, how do we allocate our energy with lifetimes of content and avenues to explore? What kind of communities and relationships are we building? How do we want want to influence and shape the future?

Habitually, we experience the benefits and consequences of an unprecedented interconnectedness. The video exhibits a dichotomy of avenues taken from these new instruments, displaying both depictions of positive community building and collaboration, and the isolation and depersonalization present in countless potential worlds. Splintered focuses and fragmented skill-sets require increased mindfulness about collective direction of energies.

With definitions what we term social interaction and fulfillment in flux, rabbit holes present themselves at every turn. Already oversaturated or overwhelmed with content, we have unwittingly become each other’s entertainment. As an overarching message, the video advocates for a focus on collaboration over spectation, such that interconnectedness can provide fuller senses of community and belonging. The audio-visual piece also serves as a foundation for N0V3L’s public identity and thematic exploration moving forward.”