Sad Boys is a lofi exploration of the way that masculinity allows, or doesn’t allow, men to deal with sadness. More than anything, the song is a counterpoint to dads who tell their kids to “man up” and a culture that frequently proclaims that “crying is for girls.” In “Sad Boys,” Myylo builds on themes constructed on previous releases like “Skinny Boys” by challenging and breaking down masculine ideals that are desperately in need of an update.


Myylo sits at the nexus point of folk lyricism, pop production, and boyish relatability. It is this combo of elements that has won him big brand support like the 2018 Starbucks Holiday campaign and write-ups in major publications like The Gay Times and Attitude Mag as well as top billing on Tidal Rising Playlists. Power players like Mike Posner and Baby Face have made a point to include the artist on writing camps. Most recently, the artist released his EP I’m A Nice Boy and partnered with Sofar Sounds for a 20 date tour across the U.S. and U.K. 

Offering some insight into his new single, Myylo explains, “I remember being in literal shambles over getting bullied as a kid. Intuitively, I pushed those feelings down or hid my tears and never told my parents about what I was going through. Looking back, I think that was a gut response to all the ways society teaches boys not to feel. ‘Sad Boys’ is me trying to carve out a little space for boys to be sad or cry if they need to. Tears are tight. Emotions are lit. And, guess what, boys need to make space for themselves to feel them.”