London based Kiwi, Mountain Boy (real name: Aaron Clarke) today releases new single ‘Morning Heat’. A warming ballad written during the depths of winter in New Zealand—the song reminisces on moments of unadulterated togetherness, sharing body-heat when you need it most. 


Speaking on the moment which inspired the beginnings of ‘Morning Heat’, Mountain Boy said: “When I started writing Morning Heat it was the middle of winter. In that landscape of frost and hibernation, there were many mornings where my wife and I would wake to find ourselves clinging to each other for warmth, with an inclination to stay. As fleeting as those moments were, something about them felt sacred and that was very much the starting place for the song.”

Its accompanying video directed by Rachel Ross, also released today—follows a young couple as they navigate the complex emotions involved with starting a family.

Mountain Boy excels in making thoughtful and introspective yet warm and inviting music; he elegantly contrasts poetic lyrics and beautifully cinematic music, resulting in songs that provoke pause and posture.

Mountain Boy’s debut single ‘52’ released at the end of 2018 landed him in the NZ Hot 20 charts with a flurry of local media interest and airplay in the first week. This marked the culmination of ‘Project Sinai’ an impressive year long journey to write and produce 52 songs in 52 weeks. 

From this project then came his EP ‘From the Dust’, launched with his second single ‘Brothers’ which were all recorded at Neil Finns Roundhead Studios by award winning producer Nic Manders. After various solo gigs and ZM’s Float Festival, Mountain Boy toured nationwide with Australian band The Paper Kites.

Now, following a relocation to London with his wife, Mountain Boy is starting afresh—arriving in an unfamiliar city, awaiting new inspiration, new ideas, and new stories.