Moe Aly has teamed up with Frida Amundsen, to find musical kismet in their crossover collaboration. With a chill-giving storyline full of hope, ”Room For Two” crosses elements of pop and future vibes and staggering melodies.


Moe Aly (Real name: Mahmoud Sharaf El Din Aly) is a DJ/Producer from Alexandria, Egypt, today he is stationed in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

Devoted to Electronic Music since a teenager, Moe started DJ’ing when he was 17 years old. He was immediately a success before the crowds. Later he took that benefit and built himself a career as a DJ/Producer.

The past 9 years he has obtained a lot of experience in the Electronic Music Scene, explored other variations of styles and music theories in different cultures. He is always on a journey, striving to evolve.

His career took a notable start in 2016 when he released ”Blast From The Past” that gained over 700 000 listeners worldwide.

Since then through his releases, he has gained over 2 million streams and thriving.

Frida is a singer and songwriter from Vaksdal, Norway but currently lives in London. In the autumn of 2009, she signed a record contract with the EMI, the debut album was released in 2012. The debut single “Closer” was released May 20, 2011. One month later, it ended up on the playlists of most radio stations in Norway and remained for several weeks. 

Frida Amundsen has then released under her own name, feature and written/co-written several songs, which has gained over 70 million streams on all major platforms and climbed the charts in USA, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden. 

Room For Two will be released today with distribution through TGR Music Group & Sony Music Entertainment Sweden. 

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