With less than one week to go until the release of MNEK’s debut album, Language, comes new single “Correct” and the accompanying official video, which can be viewed HERE. Capitol Records will release Language on September 7, the album is available for pre-order HERE. Fans who pre-order the digital album will instantly receive “Correct” plus the singles “Crazy World,”“Tongue,” “Paradise” and “Colour” featuring singer/actress Hailee Steinfeld.

“Correct” is the next track to be shared from Language before it’s official release. Within its fierce 4 minutes, MNEK manages to bottle his feelings about the industry pressure that is loaded on his shoulders with his debut album and twist it into a hard-hitting pop explosion, laden with as much sass and charisma as we’ve come to expect from him. And the video, directed by MNEK himself and Luke Biggins is, of course, totally extra – a satirical yet playful glossy-glimpse inside the mind of a man who’s been in the center of the pop world since he was 14, looking and sounding more fabulously commanding than ever.

“Correct” is yet another fascinating taste of what’s to come from Language, and the underlying message of the album is clear. It’s an imaginative and powerful statement from a man who’s been in the music industry for 10 years, with a weight of expectation on his shoulders – while “Correct”openly addresses the pressure of delivering his debut, he openly expresses the struggles of being an out, gay, Black man in this ever-challenging “Crazy World.”

But Language is playful too. Recent release “Tongue” brings a blend of Bobby Brown’s creative peak reinterpreted through the technicolor glow and wit of RuPaul’s Drag Race, while “Colour” is a fantastic skip beyond the rainbow of love’s possibilities. In fact, as a 45-minute whole, Language is an album that constantly strives to subvert preconceptions, cleverly playing on its own extensive pop knowledge and reframing it as something brand new.