Packed bags and long goodbyes, exchanging the comforts of home for a rumbling tour bus or solitary hotel room, often for months at a time. This is reality for Mighty Oaks as well, and since all the band members of the Berlin-based trio have become fathers they find it especially tough to leave home. “Playing live is definitely something we thrive on as a band. The energy of a live show, the immediate feedback from the crowd: those things made us the band that we are today, and are the reason why we play music“, says singer Ian Hooper. “But leaving the family isn’t easy for anyone, especially when you mix in different time zones and crazy schedules. I met my wife right before the band found success. Ever since she’s known me, she’s known me as a touring musician. No matter how many times I’ve left to go on tour, it’s always like the first time for her, and it never gets easier for her to watch me walk out the door.”


FORGET TOMORROW” is a song Hooper wrote about the day before leaving on a tour, about living in the moment and enjoying each other instead of fretting about the inevitable.

And the inevitable can be the indisputably wonderful: Mighty Oaks and their fans can look forward to new songs and a full band concert again, after their last EP “Driftwood Seat” sent them on an acoustic tour through Europe earlier this year. “We’re very excited for next year’s shows after having been in the studio recording the new album. Writing music, recording new songs, and then heading out on tour to bring them to our fans is the natural flow of our band.”

The release of the single is accompanied by the release of a VEVO session that includes a catchy acoustic performance of the new track. 

Tickets for the European and North American club tours are on sale now.