The duo’s two EPs were released in 2015 and 2017 to relative praise, with Entertainment Weekly lauding their “[…] ability to work their way inside your head and evoke a real emotional response.” Their first EP, Traveller, was featured in the iTunes New Pop Music chart, with the editors there calling it, “deeply satisfying electronic soul music, where the textures are warm and the melodies are inviting with an undercurrent of melancholia that tempers the joy from being obnoxious […] To hear is to believe.”

Meet Me in Orbit is excited to be releasing their latest single. A self-produced, downbeat arrangement, the song explores the nostalgia often fueling the darker side of regret and burnout while still maintaining the catchy choruses and lush synthesizers the group are known for.

About Meet Me In Orbit

Formed in 2014, Meet Me in Orbit consists of Northern California natives Jared Brannan and Brandon Bews. After self-releasing two singles that year, the duo caught the attention of New York indie label Sky Council Recordings, releasing their debut EP with the label in 2015. Meet Me in Orbit’s songs continue to develop buzz, including regular plays on Alt 105.3’s Soundcheck with Aaron Axelsen and a recent feature to promote HBO’s Westworld.