Photo Credit: Diego Andrade

Today, Maya B serves up her new single “Getty Woah.” Get it HERE.

“Getty Woah” represents Maya B’s deft and diverse pop deconstruction at its apex. Manic versus marked by hip-hop swagger, her musings explode into hooks highlighting confessions like, “I don’t have a big butt, but I’m clear cut.”

Just prior to the single’s arrival, she shared an acoustic rendition of her previous single “Dollar To A Diamond. Originally produced by Soulshock [2Pac, Usher], she stripped the tune down to its bare essentials and nailed each nuance with a raw performance directed at the camera and accompanied by a lone keyboardist. Watch it HERE

Maya B continues to receive enthusiastic critical acclaim, receiving early co-signs from Sir Elton John, DJ KHALED, Dave Sitek, Miguel, and Zane Lowe – whose sustained support championed “Dollar to a Diamond” as his World Record on Apple Music’s Beats 1 and predicted, “Inevitable superstardom awaits. Smasher!”

Right now, Maya B is putting the finishing touches on her debut EP out August 23.

The 20-year-old Los Angeles-based experimental artist began writing music at the age of 7 and has excelled ever since, often bringing conflicting ideas together with originality and authenticity. Adding another dimension to her passion for sound, art and words, Maya B produced her own zine. The D.I.Y. publication on oversized newsprint spotlights her gorgeously subversive art: Her Pain / Her Brain. VIEW HERE.