Maude Latour possesses a worldliness far beyond her 19 years. The daughter of journalists, she’s lived in London, Stockholm, and Hong Kong and is fluent in both Dutch and Mandarin. She’s currently a freshman at Columbia University studying philosophy and political science and plans to be the first president to perform at her own inauguration. 

Stream the new single “Starsick”

Maude has spent the past year translating her own philosophies and political ideals into a musical universe interspersed with themes of transcendence, religion, and love for her best friend. 

Today, Maude shares her new single, “Starsick.” The infectious technicolor pop song produced by Alexander 23 filters whimsical chiptune inflections, silky vocal harmonies, and an indelible groove through a vibrant effervescence.

“Starsick” is the third single in Maude’s sonic story following “Plans” and “Superfruit.” In “Plans,” Maude trills animatedly over an ethereal soundscape, mid-tempo clunking drums, and phantasmagoric digital flourishes. Her aesthetic is at once playfully nostalgic and brilliantly forward-thinking.

“”Starsick” is everything I have ever tried to say. This song is the epitome of who I am and what I am looking for. I have never loved a song of mine more. I am so scared and excited to put it out into the world…This song is my bible; it is everything to me.”