Photo Credit: Mikayla Kitsanpolis 

Maude Latour translates philosophical and political ideals into a musical universe interspersed with themes of transcendence, religion, and love for her best friend for a refreshing cosmic pop sound.

She shares her new single, “Ride My Bike” along with a music video. “My mind’s on fire so I ride my bike / I’m riding harder than a hurricane” Maude croons through vocoded harmonies and lilting melodies. At the refrain comes an eruption of energy; a shuffling house beat chugs under Maude’s soaring vocals as the video depicts her cycling, hair whipping wildly, in front of technicolor green screen animations.

Maude says about writing the song, “’Ride My Bike’ is based off of a day that I was buzzing with stress and anxiety. I left my phone at home and ran away, hopping on a Citi Bike and riding with full force through Central Park and all across Manhattan. When I finally got home, my parents were furious, claiming that they had called all my friends and were worried sick. I’ve become a bit more considerate about my bike rides, but they remain one of my most sacred activities. When I bike, I feel truly alive. Spinning up and down the hills of Central Park and weaving down the avenues through Manhattan (which is dangerous! I don’t condone – please wear a helmet!) are the moments that bring me sanity. This song captures the sacredness of the freedom that comes from hitting a runner’s high. Please remember to go outside and break a sweat– it’ll remind you that you are so incredibly alive and breathing.”

“Ride My Bike” is the fourth single in Maude’s sonic story. It follows “Starsick,“which filters whimsical chiptune inflections, silky vocal harmonies, and an indelible groove through a vibrant effervescence, “Plans,” and “Superfruit.” In “Plans,” Maude trills animatedly over an ethereal soundscape, mid-tempo clunking drums, and phantasmagoric digital flourishes. 

Maude possesses a worldliness far beyond her 19 years. The daughter of journalists, she’s lived in London, Stockholm, and Hong Kong and is fluent in both Dutch and Mandarin. She’s currently a freshman at Columbia University studying philosophy and political science and plans to be the first president to perform at her own inauguration. 

Maude Latour – Ride My Bike (Music Video)

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