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Film score composer and ambient-electronic producer, Mattia Cupelli has released his new LP, UNDERNEATH on August 8 via MC Records. This will be his final release for the year after a trio of singles heralded the upcoming LP. Cupelli has already racked up over 33 million plays on Youtube and over 10 million Spotify streams. He has received support from the likes of CLASH Magazine, Son Of Marketing, Xs Noize and Sir Chillicious and his single “Kogarashi” was added to La Belle Musique’s Spotify Playlists.

Cupelli merges neo-classical and ambient sounds with modern minimal electronic music, citing inspiration from Nils Frahm, Nicolas Jaar, Ryuichi Sakamoto. His earlier work embodies elements of soundtrack and modern piano with strong parallels to Tim Hecker or Tangerine Dream. The Italian based producer has been open about his passion for both film and art alongside the musical world, allowing himself to cross the boundaries of the art world and create new territories that he dominates with style and grace. 

One can feel the musical transition that the artist is going through and joins him on his journey, with hope rising for him as the individual strands of music do, binding together and paving the way for the next sound. With his first of the trio being “MONO NO AWARE,” Cupelli covered the understanding of “the pathos of things” (the direct translation of the name). It describes an awareness of impermanence, the bittersweet feeling of seeing things change – and the human realisation that we too are as transient as the changing of the seasons or the waxing and waning of the moon.

For the second single, the producer released “KOGARASHI,” the Japanese word for a cold wind that signals the beginning of winter. It is centred around endings that in turn bring about new beginnings.

Finally, “ONWARDS” too is aptly named, signally his own steps as a musician onwards into a new sound. With this final track, you can hear his movement towards this new venture, while it still remains a cohesive sound with the other two singles. 

Cupelli commented about his new LP, UNDERNEATH, “This album set a turning point (for me) as electronic artist, I tried to merge my neo classical genre to the influences from the electronic music world I got these years, to find and recreate myself in music. I find a deep creative process with electronic music, that in this album finds place on melodic synth sounds, beating drum patterns and some granular modeling. Some of my old fans will get a “swan song” from my neoclassical period, but for those that will continue supporting me, UNDERNEATH will be a new beginning.”

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