Listen: Mattia Cupelli – ‘KOGARASHI’

Mattia Cupelli, ambient-electronic producer and film score composer, has released his new single, “KOGARASHI” on July 4 via MC Records, having premiered the track on CLASH Magazine.

His previous single with accompanying video “Mono No Aware” was favourably received and Cupelli has already racked up over 25 million plays on Youtube and over 10 million Spotify streams.

The Italian producer has a strong background in music theory as well as a passion for art and film. He is a seasoned guitar and piano player who began honing his musical skills at the age of 11. He has scored several Soundtracks and has been releasing music since 2014, with a substantial body of work in his wake. His previous single “Electric Shrines” was also released earlier this year to acclaim.

Cupelli merges neo-classical and ambient sounds with modern minimal electronic music, citing inspiration from Nicolas Jaar, Nils Frahm and Ryuichi Sakamoto. His earlier work embodies elements of soundtrack and modern piano with strong parallels to Tim Hecker or Tangerine Dream. Cupelli’s sound is a synthesis of modern and traditional, and he uses electronic music’s endless possibilities to create sonic collages of human emotion.

The track is named after the Japanese word for a cold wind that signals the beginning of winter. It is centred around endings that in turn bring about new beginnings, and Cupelli has illustrated this beautifully through a fusion of both digital and traditional sounds.

“KOGARASHI‘s” delicate piano introduction is set against a backdrop of unimposing static, which eventually makes way for layers of voices and synthesisers which conjure the very feeling of vulnerability one experiences in times of change. The track ends with the sound of deep inhalations, perhaps a metaphor for taking a deep breath and letting go. 

Speaking of the track he comments: “This song is about something that is about to end. Perhaps it symbolizes the end of an era in my musical career. Leaving a  warm space to go outside to something unknown.