Two years ago Matt Sharp pleaded with Elon Musk to send him to outer space… yesterday that dream became a reality, as The Rentals launched Q36 with the single Spaceships” and shared a lyric-video shortly after their departure. Q36’s voyage will include 16 individual releases and over seven months to complete, culminating in the release of their double album on translucent gold vinyl.

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Discussing the projects 1st release Sharp stated, Spaceships is a science fiction fable that imagines an overpopulated future where the spacefaring nations of the world decide to shoot their citizen’s dealing with mental health conditions into deep outer space for experimental purposes; essentially using them as laboratory specimens, testing their tolerance of extreme levels of radiation. But a funny thing happened on the way to Europa… the inmates commandeered this intergalactic psychiatric ward, taking control of the ships and ultimately, their lives. They flipped their mobile home, converting it into a Parliament Funkadelic-style flying party saucer and went looking to start a more tolerant new world.