Review by Emily Smith

After the success of his first single “All Good,” emerging pop musician Matt LeGrand has recently released a lively new track titled “12:00 AM” that explores the feeling of finally being able to spend time with a significant other after a long day. With its relatable lyrics and distinct energy overall, this latest single is sure to grab anyone’s attention.

As an introduction, the track starts with LeGrand’s muted vocals complementing some piano chords that cut through the vocals until the beat kicks in along with some claps. The beat is one that is especially hard-hitting, and really livens up the track. Overall, this tracks works well as a dynamic club tune that will have everyone dancing.

LeGrand’s vocal performance is also a highlight of the track. The vocal melody is exciting and particularly upbeat. It is definitely something that will be in the listener’s head after a couple of listens. He also demonstrates his vocal prowess with the pristine delivery of his lyrics and with the various “woahs” laced throughout the track. There are also some nice harmonies when he sings, “in the morning.”

LeGrand also uses his lyrics to add an element of catchiness to the track alongside the melody and instrumentation. You may think that “12:00 AM” would be pronounced like “twelve A-M,” but LeGrand pronounces it a little unconventionally as “one two double-O am,” which is much more rhythmic and fits better in the song than if he were to alter the track to make the “twelve A-M” pronunciation sound good.

“At the end of a long day, all I want to do is see you. 12:00 AM is more than just a place in time but a feeling of exhilaration that encompasses our soul,” says Matt LeGrand.

The song is about wanting to be with your significant other after a long day of not seeing each other. The track details being at work and counting down the hours until it’s time to head back home to see your loved one. LeGrand sings, “I swear that I can feel the Earth turn,” lamenting how “time is moving too slow,” as he puts it. The excitement slowly builds throughout the track with lyrics like “And I just can’t wait ‘til the sun does down/ I know that I’ll have to make the stars shine at night,” as he thinks about finally coming home.

In the middle of the song, morning comes with the lyrics, “I don’t wanna get out my bed/ Reaching out my hands to feel if you’re still there” before similar lyrics in the last verse lead up to the chorus once more.

At the end of the song, LeGrand’s singing fades out, making the listener think that track has fully stopped before resuming with 30 seconds of instrumentation before the song reaches its end.

Overall, “12:00 AM” is an energetic track that will make the listener want to dance like there is no tomorrow!

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