Review by Emily Smith

It’s been a while since energizing, upbeat rock music has graced anyone’s ears. On the radio nowadays, it’s virtually nonexistent, especially with the wave of hip-hop and pop dominating the charts. New artist Matina breathes some new life into the genre with her alternative rock/pop sound in her latest single “Kiss and Tell.”

The song is about the thrill of a fling with someone, though she didn’t think it’d work out at all. The guy she’s singing about reassures her that he’s different and won’t just tell everyone about their escapades together. The lyrics excel at developing a story. From the beginning of the song she sings, “It started last year/ I was on the road/ Oh I remember last year right after the show….” The song also brings in some subtle imagery that helps paint the picture of the story, which is done with lyrics like “I was backstage and just about to leave/ But you had a few tricks up your tatted sleeve” and “I tried to make you believe that we could never work/ You reassured me with a flash of that crooked smirk.” The tiny details in the lyrics about the guy (like his tattoos and his smirk) give subtle clues about his overall attitude and who he is.

“Kiss and Tell is the easiest song I have ever written. I finished writing the entire song in an hour. I was so inspired while being on the beautiful island of Skiathos in Greece and Kiss and Tell talks about something I actually lived while being there,” comments Matina.

Matina’s singing is very strong technically. The vocals are pretty clean and rarely take a break in between words. There are a few points in the song where the vocals ride that fast rhythm like where she sings, “You took me places I had never been before/ You had me feeling alive wanting so much more/ We loved to live on the edge, craved that adrenaline spike/ I got addicted to the thrill of what you like.”

“I feel like everyone at some point has experienced something similar and through my lyrics, I wanted to paint a vivid picture of how my story went down. I feel like people are wanting to hear something fresh, edgy and real. I hope Kiss and Tell can be that for them! There are many more songs of mine to come!”  says Matina.

The vocals shine when Matina hits some slightly higher notes. During the pre-chorus, the vocals are especially strong when she sings, “I said ‘ Who do you think you are?’” and “But who knew we’d let it get this far?” It’s one of the stronger moments on the song, and really showcases her talent.

Much of what keeps the track interesting musically are the guitars. The acoustic guitar is used to entice the listener as it tiptoes around before the verses, and ultimately provides structure. It’s very rhythmic and catchy, and serves as a nice build-up until the electric guitars rip through the chorus in an electrifying performance. The guitars add an element of edge to the song as Matina repeats ‘Kiss and tell, kiss and tell, kiss and tell…” throughout the chorus.

The song is overall catchy and exciting, and will certainly make the listener want to move. It is a very strong performance by Matina that incorporates some fresh rock elements.

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