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Vulnerability, vivaciousness, and seemingly invincible like valorization of the voice vacillate a love volley that’s what we get on MARLOE.’s latest single “The Day I Knew I Needed You.”

Like many of us, MARLOE. adored singing songs as a child in her living room, and such carried on into her performing pretty much anywhere she could in Brisbane, Australia. Her illustriously and sophisticatedly sleek vocal sound sojourned from there all the way to the Musical Theatre program at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Manhattan, New York. It was there that MARLOE. maximized her musical aptitudes performing in theatre as well as a myriad of short films; it appears as though this time morphed MARLOE. into the Independent Pop starlet she is today. “The Day I Knew I Needed You” is just one of the songs that can be streamed on her EP “MARLOE.”

“The Day I Knew I Needed You was inspired by someone who taught me to be vulnerable in the best possible way,” says MARLOE. “I wanted this song to take listeners on a journey of what it’s like to discover parts of who you are in someone else.”

In the opening verse of “The Day I Knew I Needed You” MARLOE. brings listeners in by with lyrics like, “built up walls like mansions to the sky”. She goes on to further reveal that her lover “climbed in like no one else could do. / The day I knew I needed you.” Deductively seductive lyrics like these are dazzlingly netted together throughout the single over top tier toned production; it soothingly propels MARLOE.’s Indie Pop prowess to the likes, ties, and sound designing spoils of other Alternative Pop princesses like Lorde, Billie Eilish, and Vera Blue. 

Independent Pop has been nothing short of fabulous as of lately in reinstating alternative genres like Electronica into Pop mainstream, and MARLOE.’s “The Day I Knew I Needed You” cements this claim of the modern day industry of the Recording Arts.

Researching the artists we listen to is not only a reward of deeper appreciation for the craft of making music, but it also allocates a fuller understanding of how artists like MARLOE., Lorde, and Billie got to their now signature sounds. From the 90’s into about early 2000 there was a towering appreciation for the gentrification of genres like Electronica and Pop which sound very much like MARLOE.’s latest Single and EP.

Europe including the UK and Australia have for some time now aided in distinctively decorating the airwaves with artists that manifoldly mobilize both the present and past of Pop mainstream. MARLOE.’s “The Day I Knew I Needed You” is significant for the reason of being a great Indie Pop listen, as it also unites listeners into the superb sonic resurgence of Independent Pop music.

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