South African producer DJ Mark Stent is best known for his uplifting and magnetic energy. With multiple radio number ones and chart-topping success, Mark’s infectious brand and attitude towards his music show no signs of slowing down.

For Mark the album represents a new point in his life. A place where he feels at peace with who he is as a musician and artist. One can expect a lot of variety in this album, each track represents a stage of learning and growth in his music career. Solitude has gone back to Mark Stent’s roots of deep and funky house music. Mark played most of the piano parts adding a “live” element to the album.

“I feel I am creatively pushing myself past points I have in the past and have reached a point of Solitude, where I am unaffected by the outside world. I worked with so many amazing vocalists again on this album. Many I have worked with before and some I have wanted to work with for ages and as always I try to work with new and up and coming artists as I love the raw hunger they have. Working with artists on something as personal as your own music creates a bond that links you together for life. I am honoured to have shared creative space with every one of these people” – Mark Stent

Listen to Mark Stent – Solitude by The David Gresham Entertainment Group on SoundCloud