Written by Ashley Friedman

After immigrating to America during the collapse of the Soviet Union, Mariami has quite the story as an up and coming musician. Now, based out of New York, New York with two albums already under her belt, Mariami is consistent and persistent when it comes to releasing music with each song having some sort of truth behind every verse.

Her recently released single, “I Survived A War” does just that. The line, “Hiding in a mountain side / yea we all had to flee / oh it’s nothing quite like a pretty girl perched in a tree,” represents strength and resilience. “The hope is that others find a path to emerge victorious over their own battles,” says Mariami on her latest single. The chill urban mid-tempo track has elements of hip-hop and has been picked up by 6+ Spotify playlists. Check out our official review here.

As of yesterday, Mariami released a brand new track “Electrify My Heart” a very pop-esque love song about putting your heart out there 100% and not holding back. The beginning of the song describes a relationship that didn’t work out with the lyrics, “I used to be scared, thought I wasn’t enough,” then goes into another verse where the singer meets a new and improved person, “…now I’m ready for love, electrify my heart.” Check it out here.

Her day to day words of wisdom is to  “leave your comfort zone.” As an up and coming musician, every day is like unknown territory. The biggest challenge is simply doing and trying to figure out things as you go along. As Mariami puts it, practically everything she didn’t know, she had to figure out on her own.

In fact, her first live performance was a bit of a learning experience. Driving from Boston to NYC to perform at the Bitter End with her first band from college, Mariami says, “The whole trip I was super anxious because I thought we’d miss soundcheck.” She then goes on to say “…but we killed it and all my family and friends supported.”

When it comes to performing live, Mariami tells us the importance of “staying grounded and in a space of non-doing because everything leading up to a show involves so much doing.” Her favorite song to perform to this day is Gates off of her 2015 album. “Gates,” she says, “has the prettiest Jazz chords on the bridge and I love playing them! They fall on the ears like rose petals.”

In her free time, Mariami has been teaming up with kids in different cities to help them learn the ins and outs of deconstructing sounds. “I’ve been working with kids since I was in high school. I used to lead a kids theater camp with a colleague and taught music + theater all throughout college,” she says. “I love helping people find their voice through art and giving a voice to those who do not have one.”

In 2015, while touring in her native country, Mariami partnered with the US Embassy where she was then able to teach masterclasses for kids living in IDP settlements (Internally Displaced Persons.) “That day changed my life. Seeing what joy music can bring to kids who otherwise don’t get the chance to express themselves through song was a game changer,” says Mariami.

If there is one thing Mariami wants fans to takeaway from her music it’s “to remember who they are, beings that are meant to love.” As for future goals, “Right now a song or an album that charts on Billboard would make me really happy!” says Mariami. The singer also mentions a collaboration with Frank Ocean or the composers of Stranger Things would be at the top of the list too.

As a growing independent artist, Mariami’s best advice for up and coming musicians is to “trust your gut and trust your authentic voice.” Keep an eye out for this artist to watch and be sure to check out her latest single “Electrify My Love” today.

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