Review by Jamie Glenn

Opening with a heavy drum overlay, Mariami introduces listeners to her newest single, “I Survived A War.” The New York native returns with a single that leans more on a drum driven beat with a touch of soulful pop. This new single comes after the release of 2017’s record “Vortex.”  

With this recent release, fans could hear something of a similar sound on Mariami’s EDM driven track “Sedona” that gives listeners the same type of feel that we hear with “I Survived A War” as Mariami’s journeys into her way into the music scene.

“For the longest time, music for me, was synonymous with survival. My family fled the war in Georgia (Europe) when I was 6, so music became my safe haven + refuge,” says Mariami.

This single’s sharp electronic drum edge brings an urgency to the track that many listeners will enjoy as the song unfolds. The lyrics are delivered in a very experimental diverse way showcasing just what Mariami’s capable of. This track also offers a narrative story for listeners, especially with moments like “Russian man came and he said there would be no more” or  “the river washes your worries away” this is repeated throughout the track, showcasing Mariami’s vocal capabilities as she elevates her voice in this portion of the song.  The track, as a whole, sounds flawless, but Mariami shines the brightest when delivering these lines.

Cultural references to other female artists have also made their way throughout the track like Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga, in which Mariami makes a statement about how she came to be and what her family has had to overcome, taking a much different shape than some of the artists she mentions in the track.

“The song “I Survived A War” came at a time when I wanted to finally step out of that survival module and celebrate the strength and resilience it takes to rise above war. In its message, the hope is that others find a path to emerge victorious over their own battles,” says Mariami.

With two full length releases under her belt, it will be interesting to hear what’s in store for Mariami moving forward. “I Survived A War” shows us that Mariami is on her way to make her own path and declare her own sound. Some of the leading ladies of modern pop music — watch out! Too often, listeners are attracted to the way something sounds, but with “I Survived A War” we should try and adhere to the statement of independence that Mariami is making with this track, a statement of freedom as an effort to go above and beyond what the music scene is hearing right now.

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