NASHVILLE -Mad Luck Records was created with a simple concept; to create a family of artists that work together, play together and help each other reach their artistic goals. Although the pursuit of commerce is necessary to survive in the music business, what is more important is the connection of artist to fan, the unbreakable bond of community, the ability of a song, or any artistic creation for that matter, to reach into someone’s soul and change a life.

In the past, successful ”scenes” such as Motown, L.A. Glam bands from the glory days of the Sunset Strip as well as the Seattle bands that need no introduction all had one thing in common; the bands actually worked with each other and played together. There was a definite sense of community.

In the words of label founder Mike Flatt, “Our mission is not only reach those that need music to survive, learn, love and grow, but to do that same thing with the artists we work with to create a community of support, freedom in creativity, with the belief that honest art will always find an audience.”

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