Review by Jamie Glenn

Bring on the rain and warm coffee brew because LVR’s second single titled “Problem” will have you wanting to figure out how to unblur the line between what love is and what love could be.

A sober slow burn feel echoes throughout this track as LVR gives a raw vocal performance as he describes his feelings. This track is playful in its pursuit of love, especially with lyrics like “I know you think about it, see it in your eyes when you look at me / I thought that I could hide it, but I’m gettin’ lost in the way I feel / We’re more than friends, this is somethin’ else.” Something much deeper lies behind just the lyrics of this track. Many listeners far and wide will be able to relate to the topics of romance and love that LVR display’s in “Problem.”

“I spent a lot of time away from music, after being in and out of various projects I wanted to take some time away to really find my identity as a solo artist. The main inspiration behind “Problem” is heartbreak, although it might initially come across as a flirtatious song, the meaning is actually a lot deeper than that,” says LVR.

The new release of “Problem” comes after LVR’s last single “Giving Up” that dropped in 2017. With “Giving Up” we hear a much more electrified LVR with a touch of dreamy, whereas “Problem” offers listeners a more controlled vocal delivery, distinct vision and maturity that sounds and feels more driven.

“[The song] talks about the end of a relationship and wanting to hold onto it even if you are the problem. Sonically I wanted to dive into my musical inspirations. I love Craig David and a lot of old school R&B. Its been really fun to create the music I’ve always wanted to,” comments LVR.

LVR’s ability to execute many different styles musically is top notch, but this new single has a depth to it that we haven’t heard from LVR until now. The raw emotion compliments LVR’s vocal and instrumental style in a way that sets him apart from others who may be in pursuit of his craft.

With an R & B style instrumentation, we are lead to not only hear, but feel the romance and emotion behind the words that LVR delivers in “Problem.” LVR is the perfect balance between Max’s mainstream track “Lights Down Low” while mirroring the sound and feel from the likes of Sam Smith and James Author.

LVR might be fairly new to the game, but this latest single proves that he’s not only ready to mingle with the big dogs, but give them a run for their money.

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