Review by Giovanna Citro

Luka Kloser, 20-year old singer-songwriter, has recently released her latest single “Time.” This track conveys a narrative of being young and moving on from heartbreak, which takes the listener on a rollercoaster of emotions.

The song begins with the faint sound of the piano and Luka’s incredible vocals. Throughout the duration of the track, the instrumentals are upbeat and form a sound that is infectious. However, Luka’s lyrics are deep and take the listener on an emotional journey. “Time is a song about a crush… but also the explosive impact of the sudden, inevitable end.”

As Luka opens up through her powerful lyrics, the listener can truly feel her pain. By trying to understand Luka’s confusion, the listener is left wanting more. Her voice along with the instrumentals flow perfectly, giving the track a sound that is unforgettable.

The lyrics are the highlight of the track, dark and emotional, as Luka’s words instantly draw the listener into her world. For example, she sings “Glad you’re doing fine, while my feet can’t touch the ground/I saw better days before you came my way.” One line from the chorus reads “This doesn’t get better with time/I’m standing on the ledge alone tonight.” The listener instantaneously feels her words rather than just hears them.

Through her lyrics, she tells us that things do not always get better with time and that time may not always be the answer to your problems. When Luka sings “I thought you said we’d always be alright,” the listener feels her confusion and pain. In just that line alone, she tells us that the sudden end of her past relationship has greatly affected her.

Luka’s words lure the listener in, and force them to see and understand the emotions that she is feeling . “Time” teaches the listener that relationships and life in general, may not always turn out as we may expect them to, but maybe that is okay.

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