Today, August 16, 2019, Milan based outfit Lucifour M announce the release of their debut EP Uno. Due for release September 27 via Berlin label Sonar Kollektiv – today they also release their second single “Valentine.”

Defying classic genre associations – “Valentine” finds the band experimenting with soft synth pads, with charismatic vocalist Michele Ducci showcasing the smooth side of his versatile voice. Riffing on the notion of “living in the moment” – Ducci sings “Don’t wanna miss the good” amidst eerie atmospherics and carefully placed synth lines – before the track opens up into its cathartic chorus.

Lucifour M‘s ethos revolves around elaborate songwriting and sophisticated, complex instrumentation – all brought together in a tight, cohesive package.

Striking, soulful pop music, the Italian quartet point to parallels between the stylistic devices of French director/screenwriter Bruno Dumont and their own musical and creative approach, elaborating further: “It’s like standing on the verge of abyss, as if peering deeply into the eyes of the impossible,” the band explain.

Lucifour M want to subvert expectations an upcoming debut EP Uno – due for release September 27 2019 via Sonar Kollektiv – does exactly that. Born from various jam sessions in their home studio where they’d simply just play, and play, and play until something stuck – the ideas formed in those early sessions were then re-arranged, produced, and mixed, all by the band – with Uno being the end result.

Both “Valentine,” and previously released single “Dog,” are perfect tasters of what’s still to come from this talented quartet.