On April 1st, 2019, new artist Loza Rose drops her first single ‘Excuses’. Every song has a theme, an this one hits home talking about the problems young couples face. The tune hints at the image of two people that like each other, but make excuses not to engage their feelings. She sings the chorus loudly “Oh I love the excuses” sarcastically, bringing the dual perspective of the two.

Despite the lyrics of the song being sad, the overall feeling makes you bump to your sorrows. Later in the song, she sings the lines; “Let me walk if there’s no tomorrow, I tried to talk but you didn’t try though, And we can try and try it’s going nowhere, Ignoring what my heart says” most-likely concluding the story that the other person must make up their mind. Truly, this song has a story behind it.

With multiple singles scheduled for release this year, this song begins the drop cycle. Since the beginning of 2018, the talented artist has been writing songs left and right to push her career forward.
During the month of September, 2018; Loza signed with Elton Audio Records (an independent record label right in her backyard) and began preparing for the year ahead. Having never recorded in studio before, she tackles the pop genre with gigantic vocals, overwhelming expression, and an empowering tone.