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Written by ∆³

Push play on Lostboycrow’s Alternative R&B/Pop Single Release “Violet Sky,” and close your eyes. Once you’ve done that, open your eyes. Now, simply play that moment back in your mind. Can you picture the conveniently coveted high school characteristics of life? I’d say perhaps such times right before or erelong graduations. That’s what is captured and essentially catapulted upon the initial listen of Lostboycrow’s latest single, “Violet Sky.”

Lostboycrow is princely composed of Chris Blair and varying collaborators and composers, most notably Dylan Bauld of Flor. Around 2010, while intermingling at a 2014 Los Angeles migration, Lostboycrow pieced together a string of singles, “Adolescent,” “HiyHiy,” “Start Something,” and “Say You Want Me.” His debut EP, “Sigh for Me,” was released in 2016 and featured two standout songs “Powers” and the divisibly assisted by Skizzy Mars collaboration, “The Lost Boy.” More Singles and a host of EPs soon followed featuring Dylan and his Flor bandmate, Zack Grace.

“Violet Sky” is Lostboycrow’s unambiguously reminiscent sonic take on what was decoratively and amorously perceived versus reality. Blair’s singing on “Violet Sky” takes you on a poignantly picturesque tale lyrically adorned with emotional synergy, storied stylings, and sanguining longings. Sensationally striking stanzas like “Slow dance, me and my nervous hands… / You and your empty plans / Did we even like each other?” meshed with, “Slow clap from the back of the class, I cry when I laugh, I laugh when I think about the past, do you? Do you laugh too?” All of these lyrics are intertwined into a gut wrenching guitar plaited production and provide for quite an amazing listening experience. 

“Santa Fe is a series of moments dancing before my eyes while the old me died. Violet Sky became a sort of crossing over in real time – an invitation to self to the tune of farewell,” says Lostboycrow.

To me Lostboycrow’s efforts on “Violet Sky” sound very similar to melodiously fusing acts like Chase Atlantic, flor, and Flume who lead the featured wave of the moment: Alternative artists who low-key listen to R&B. Since OVO’s Majid Jordan, I haven’t acutely anticipated and appreciated what an Alternative Pop/R&B artist has to offer, until now. If you listen to Lostboycrow’s library (which is what I’ve had on repeat all day long now) you’ll notice that none of his songs intricately wave the same. That to me is a telltale sign of the same eclectic synopsis by which myself and most people muse into our own lives.

If art is typically a reflection of who we are as people, then can we use it to swimmingly surpass the plethora of societal challenges both within and outside of the entertainment industry that shore us all? I’m not sure, but I’m sure of one thing; Lostboycrow’s “Violet Sky” is my month of March’s song selection at the moment. Like the prescription labels often read at the offset, just “follow the listed directions,” as “Violet Sky” by Lostboycrow is kinda like how Lidocaine should be successfully applied. Just give enough of it the right amount of time, and it’s sure to work right into your most listened to playlist.

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