Following powerful 2018 single releases such as “Fault Line“, “Make This More“, and most recently, “Love Will Tear Us Apart“, Loom:ngs end the summer season on a high note with the release of their debut EP,Chapter One, available today on all streaming platforms.

Variance Magazine premiered “Sullenblue,” one of the delightfully dynamic tracks from ‘Chapter One’ yesterday, which they aptly described as “addictive.”

Throughout the EP, Zola Johnson and Daniel Loumpourdis bring listeners on a rollercoaster of emotions through hauntingly beautiful vocals and genre-bending melodies. Creating the entire project in Daniel’s Miami bedroom, each song reveals massive talent and skill of the duo. Loom:ngs carve a new space in the indie-pop world with sentimental synths and unparalleled vocals.

Loom:ngs is the collaboration of vocalist/songwriter Zola Johnson (also known as ZOLA) and producer/songwriter Daniel Lompouridis (co-wrote/co-produced Louis The Child’s “It’s Strange“). The wordplay and imagery of Zola Johnson creates a lyrical canvas for Loom:ngs that tightropes the fine line between clarity and abstraction as she sings in both English and her native French language. Producer Daniel’s Lompouridis’ creative sonic flares and dark lit grooves live somewhere in the middle of modern noir soundscapes and synth-pop grandeur.

Loom:ngs’ combination of powerful–and sometimes devastating lyricism paired with pop melodies and descriptive production holds both artists up as individuals while simultaneously defining itself as its own entity.

Chapter One Tracklist: 
1. 6:38
2. Sullenblue
3. Of Mine
4. Make This More
5. Love Will Tear Us Apart
6. Fault Line
7. Heads