Lizzy Land invites you to dive into her world of indelible pop hooks and earnestly crafted lyrics. A native of Portland and now based in LA, Land formed her first band via Craigslist at 18. She worked two restaurant jobs while living in New York City to pay the rent before calling it quits and moving back West, which led to collaborations with Mating Ritual, Nick Littlemore of Empire of the Sun and Paul Oakenfold. Now with over 14 million cumulative streams, her music has been featured on shows including Grey’s Anatomy, The Resident, and Dynasty.

Today, Land shares her debut EP, “intro music plays.” Each of the six tracks touches on her love of film and cinema. “It’s a long scene that touches on one grand emotion,” Land says. “I’ve had all these chapters, all these different scenes and phases in my life and while it’s taken me a while to piece it all together, the EP feels like my intro music-  this is the beginning.”

In March Land announced the EP with the release of the single + music video “Messed Up,” a tremendous introduction to the project. The danceable yet easy-paced bop bursts with memorable melodies and crystalline vocals, to which Land adds irresistibly playful inflections.

Following “Messed Up” was “Call Me,” written as a “tribute to a friend you hope will always call on you if they need you, no matter how far away life takes them.” “Call Me” radiates with nostalgia, luscious harmonies, and a soaring hook.

“intro music plays” features the already-released “Sweet Melodies” and “Bad Things,” which have garnered a collective 2+million Spotify streams, “Sweet Melodies” having jumpstarted her career as her very first solo single in 2016. It also includes two new tracks: the wistful and expansive “Braids,” and“Losing My Head,” which swings through bubbling synths and stadium-sized drums.

Lizzy Land celebrates the release of her EP with a show at The Lyric in Los Angeles on June 27.