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Whatever has you stressed right now, forget about it and listen to “Piña Coladas” the newest release from EDM’s latest pop queen to make an appearance in the industry, Liron. This new track has us wanting to call off work and go to the beach to dance, drink and forget to about life’s problems.

Lyrical moments like, “I love sipping Piña Coladas by the ocean/ I hate overthinking about emotion/ that doesn’t mean that I don’t still do it/ I just don’t always manage to get through it,” are lyrics that almost every listener will connect with on some level regardless of their age.

“The lyrics for Piña Coladas are all about living for the moment and not letting the opinions of others have a negative impact on you,” says Liron.

The instrumentation of this track offers a deep, yet relaxed island sound for listeners, one that will put you in a good mood before the lyrics even come into play. A layer of Liron’s vocals is echoed as a secondary sound throughout the track, adding yet another chilling component to the song. The background vocals also offer a chance for Liron to showcase her beautifully harmonized vocal range.

Liron has a sound much like what many have heard from Halsey on the Chainsmoker’s mega-popular track, “Closer.” Her voice to also comparable to Louane’s contributions to the Chainsmoker track “It Won’t Kill Ya.”

Liron’s voice has a soothing harmonization to it that will keep fans and new followers alike coming back for more, as her career unfolds, we have no doubt she will create an artistry that is all her own.

The lyrical content heard throughout this track doesn’t exactly match the chill island vibe that the backdrop may give, instead, the lyrics are reflective of someone who is calling out for something more meaningful and complex in life. Lyrics like, “I love when a person gives me their devotion/ I love loyalty and honesty that’s what’s most important to me,” echoes a more philosophical vibe.

“The inspiration behind the lyrics came when I stopped looking back and regretting decisions I made in the past and started living for the moment,” comments Liron.

Liron encourages listeners to “forget finding a man right now” and just to dance your heart out and to be free. Her previous single “Say You Love Me” is a little more optimistic when it comes to lyrics about love and creates a good contrast when it comes to the lyrical content in her discography.

“Piña Coladas” is chill enough to relax, yet is matched with a complex lyrical delivery that will make listeners think about what’s most important in life. If you haven’t listened to this Summer jam yet, give “Piña Coladas” a chance, you won’t be sorry!

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