Written by Emily Smith

Everyone loves a good, unapologetic call-out. It’s especially satisfying coming from someone who has been wronged in a relationship and is now fighting back. Liron, a rising pop musician from Toronto, Ontario premieres her latest single “Bad Intentions” with us today! The song is one of those sharp, lyric-driven tracks that let people know exactly what she’s going through without holding back her thoughts.

Liron immediately lets the listener know what’s to come in the song from the start. The first lyrics lay out the nature of the relationship she has with someone else: “You think you’re so smart/ Smarter than me/ You think you’re so tough/ And that I’m so naïve.” It’s here that she points out what her significant other thinks of her. The biting tone of this highlights how unfair it is for the other person to think so lowly of her. Throughout the song Liron sings of how this person keeps lying to her, and how they only act this way for attention. She does not dance around how fed up she is, and shows it with some cheeky lyrics.

The listener can glean from the song that this is part of a cycle of wrongdoing and empty apologies. As highlighted in the lyrics “Tell me you’re sorry/ Ask if we can start again,” the other person’s behavior has been going on for too long, and at this point, it’s intolerable. Liron finishes off the previous lyrics with “But I see your bad intentions/ And I can’t keep living in contention,” as a way of expressing she’s ready to move on. She wants someone to really care about her feelings for once. The lyrics “I’m tired of comparing your love to what love should be” show just that.

‘”Bad Intentions”’ is an anti-fu**boy anthem, written so that girls in not so ideal situations can flip the script and take their power back. It’s about the idea that guys with bad intentions can only fulfill those intentions if you allow them to, and although it may seem difficult to walk away, it’s not impossible,” says Liron.

Liron’s vocal performance is one of the best features of this song. There are several times where she wows the listener as she passionately belts out her very personal lyrics in a stunning performance. A few standout lyrical moments include are towards the end of the chorus where Liron sings, “Yeah you’ve got bad intentions,” and her show-stopping vocal performance at the end of the bridge. The rest of the song is structured as to not take away from the vocal performance at all. The beat, for instance, is just prominent enough to stand out, but not enough to detract from Liron’s vocals.

The bridge does introduce some more interesting instrumentation, building up when Liron is not singing. Featured in the bridge are echoing drum beats and what sounds like a marimba. There is also a bit of spoken word in track including the line, “Yeah, it’s not you, it’s me,” followed by some laughter, which add a lot of character to the bridge in those few seconds.

With the vocal performance, unapologetic lyrics, and overall tone of the song, “Bad Intentions” is a single that provides an engaging perspective on break-ups and being treated unfairly in a relationship. It’s certainly not one to miss!

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