Today, Liron premieres her latest single 2AM with us, an intimate and emotionally raw love song that reminisces on a past relationship while trying to look toward the future.

The beginning of the song starts off with basic piano chords. Think Taylor swift style on the album Fearless. Liron begins with the lyrics, “It’s 2AM and I know I should be asleep, but I haven’t slept much since I saw her.” It’s almost like when you leave someone and you think “okay, I can do this, I can get over it,” and you finally get to the point where you feel okay. But then, you see the person again, whether it’s by themselves or even with someone else and all of the feelings, questions, thoughts come rushing back in and consume your whole being. It’s internally heartbreaking. “My blood runs cold, because it’s your heart she holds. / There’s a pain in my soul, everything I should have told you / all the words I should have spoke.”

Again, musically the song begins with very intimate piano-chords, they are basic, but it matches up with the simplicity of the lyrics and the tone that Liron was going for. Then, the song takes a turn mid-way and builds up into this orchestra type feel with a variety of instruments from violins, to drums, to a synthesizer.

Throughout the whole song, it’s almost like we’re in Liron’s mind and listening to her thought process. It’s a song of love and regret; Almost like Liron didn’t get to say everything that she wanted to at the time she was seeing the person. The fact that the song is called 2AM completely matches the vibe of the lyrics and sound; Not being able to sleep even at 2AM because Liron’s mind is going wild with thoughts. “2AM and I’m still awake singing this song / and I hope someday you’ll be there singing along. / Never know it, the tears you made fall from my eyes / never know it the love I continue to hide at 2AM.”

The first portion of the song is filled with all of Liron’s regrets about everything she didn’t say during a relationship. The second half is Liron comparing herself to this new person that an old past love is seeing. With lyrics like, “Is she smarter than me / guess that I’ll never know / Does she light up the world to you when she walks by / Does she light up the world like you light up mine?”

The end lyrics beautifully close the loop on the entire song: “2AM and I’m tired of being alone. 3AM and I’m still awake thinking of you. 4AM and I’ll never get over you.”

By ending the song like this it’s almost like Liron is leaving the listener with the question, “what happens next?” a feeling that Liron has been asking herself this whole time throughout the song whether she’s said it outright or not.

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