(New York, USA) – 17-Year-Old singer/songwriter from New York, Libby Knowlton, announces the release of her first EP “Girl You’ve Made Me”.

“Girl You’ve Made Me” is a three-track indie pop EP where Libby talks about her experience with a series of past relationships as a teenager. Libby goes beyond just talking about a breakup and, instead, she exposes several aspects of her relationships which made her into someone she did not like. In her own words, “while making this EP, I realized I did not hate the people I had dated, I hated the person I had become for them.” 

“I think we all, at some pint in our lives, have been in this situation where we are willing to change ourselves for someone but eventually end up realizing that there was no reason to do it in the first place.” Libby wrote “Girl You’ve Made Me” with the intention of closing a chapter in her life while allowing other people to do the same when they listen to it.

The EP is also the first time the singer/songwriter uses female pronouns to refer to her partners and as she describes it, “it was the first time I allowed myself to fully accept me for who I am and who I like.”

“Girl You’ve Made Me” is a dynamic and fun EP with very relatable lyrics and fun melodies that showcase Libby’s incredible voice and songwriting skills while giving a sneak peek into her life.