Foxa is a 22 years old Belgian artist, raised in Brussels, Belgium. His dad used to work for the radio, introduced him to 80`s and 90`s hits at a young age. Music soon became Foxa´s passion. Having a super strong insight in melodies and song layers from a young age, Foxa managed to get better fast at developing sounds.

Foxa’s songs has captured the ears of several millions listeners by now, and has taken him to gigs all over Belgium and Netherlands

Foxa is now back with a brand new track called “Burning Out” together with the producer Lewka. Foxa & Lewka got 2 previous releases, “Tell Me” and the latest track “Hold On.” Both releases has been a success, “Hold On” with over 100.000 streams the first week!

Lewka & Foxa – “Burning Out” is available on all digital music platforms now and is released by TGR Music Group and distributed by Sony Music Sweden.