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Nearly half of all the artists in the Billboard Top 100 feature some sort of melodic fusion of Rap. If Drake, Lil Nas, Nikki Minaj, Post Malone, and more of our most coveted artists are crossing into Pop streaming by mincing Hip-Hop choruses, hooks, and verses harmoniously, then that wave has now transferred into what we can call “creative synergy.” The collaboration between those two aforementioned creative compartments are indeed housed in the first few listens of Leon Mayson’s Trap Soul sounding single release, “Blame It.”

Mayson is listed as up and coming 24 years young Alternative Rap artist out of the Netherlands. The more acclimated you become with what he’s doing, the more ya feel like his time has indeed arrived. Like many artists, Leon has spent time in the background making waves, but how many artists do you know of that were doing that at the age of 6?

His hometown of Zoetermeer is stationed in the nation responsible for talents like Anouk, Martin Garrix, Eddie Van Halen, Nicky Romero, and more. His plights as a pioneer of his own expression of Hip-Pop are to inspire, share, and unite others through his passion for music. “Blame It” isn’t Leon Mayson’s debut single; he released his nod-savvy “Young and 16” in 2015 all of which can be streamed and viewed on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and YouTube Music. 

On the outset of “Blame It” the European in Mayson can be felt. It booms in flexing alongside Mason’s verbiages, setting the tone for a very well done take on truth in the form of music. The professionalism and overall factor of fire is indeed present on this track.

“I produced, recorded and mixed “Blame It” in my bedroom studio. I started off with the beat. It all began with the melody you hear in the intro and the outro. Short after that I stumbled upon the “ooh” vocal throw you hear throughout the song and the rest was history after that. The beat took me about a day to finish. I wrote the lyrics the day after, just by mumbling melodies into my phone’s voice notes and replacing them with words.”

– Leon Mayson

Still, the effervescence of all good collaborations, as with this one, conjoins in the balance brought to the track lyrically. Those 4 years since Mayson’s “Young & 16” feel worthwhile and progressive on “Blame It.” Verses like “I can’t help but think about you when we’re reminiscing, / I’m tryna spill the truth to ya, but ya neva listen…” and refrained-feeling choruses like, “Oh I never, oh I never, no I never meant to let you down  /…Jus blame it on the waitress, blame it on my patience…” frame a realistic aural picture of lamented loss of love.

“At that time, I was in in the middle of a break up with a girl I was dating. I was disloyal and toxic, when all she did was care for me. When she decided to break up with me, I had nothing but regrets. I was in my feelings, and expressing my emotions in a song works as a cure for me. The message I want to give is to always treat your significant other the way you want to be treated…”

– Leon Mayson

“Blame It” is dope, and it’s without a doubt a step forward for Leon Mayson, his team, and newer acts like him from the Netherlands. As with all upsides, there will always be a challenge, and for Mayson, it’ll be more completions. It’ll be superbly trill to hear a whole EP or LP with efforts like “Blame It” and “Young and 16”; it might even be the break he’s hopefully looking forward to.

Still, it’s not as easy as it looks to put tunes like these together, and Leon Mayson and his squad seem to be pretty damn good at it. Once the masses get a taste of something they like, they want more of what they got before.

It’s crucial for artists to understand this before getting too deep in the game, and if you’re a fan of the art like myself, you know that such sentiments ring ferociously true. It’s kinda like inwardly saying, “My favorite recording artist just came with it, and they better do it again…or else I’ll get a new favorite, fast!” Yeh, I know it’s a tad dark, and if it takes ya too far left just ‘blame it’ on the ever so infamous balance of reality.

Listen To Leon Mayson’s “Blame It”

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