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One of the coolest things that you can be is unexpected. Here’s what I mean: If you were a song, you could start off sounding one way, and by the time your chorus begins, your genre, melodic temperament, and sonic revelations explore into areas that stand out from your initial start. That’s what will likely be going on in the listener’s head within their first few listens of Leon Else’s Alternative Pop Single release, “Signs.”

Leon Else is a British singer & songwriter who eclectically meshes Alternative into his own unique style of Pop. He is organically trained in dance & acting, and taught himself the art of singing & songwriting. After landing a part in Rob Marshall’s production of Nine, Leon solely committed to making music. Pretty soon he inked a development deal with Turn First Records, and soon after, his debut EP River of Liquor was released. Today, Else is independent and managed by First Access Entertainment. His impressive portfolio of songs and videos can be streamed on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.

“Signs” starts off sounding upbeat, charming, and perhaps even cheerful, but once its first verse is unveiled you notice a dark shift sifting through what Else is vocalizing. His lyrics, “I need a sign tonight, / I could do with some help, / I’m struggling with myself, I need a sign…”, showcase a pain and suffering, that vocally and lyrically sustain a depth in “Signs”, elevating it above traditional Pop records. Another added nuance to “Signs” is its production. What at first sounds like a Pop song, flips into an Alternative Reggae record around the time that it choruses. This brilliantly alternative blend mixed with Else singing, “I need a sign… / Just to keep me going, / I need a sign… / Just to keep me hoping…. / I’m here on the edge… / I need a sign” makes “Signs” one of those songs that the listener wants to keep on repeat for quite some time.

“I wrote ‘Signs’ shortly after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I was feeling so tired of everything and the song was my way of asking for a sign to continue,” says Leon.

Leon Else’s Alternative Pop Single, “Signs” is indeed brilliant in its writing and unpredictable sound production; a detailed listen to it will certify that. Still, there’s an even deeper dimension to it that deserves attention. “Signs” seems to be a song about either depression or maybe someone fighting addiction, that would likely detail the aforementioned melancholy.

“It’s one of the most honest songs I’ve released because I really allowed myself to be vulnerable in the studio,” says Leon. “I’m very proud of “Signs” and my biggest hope is for people to feel less alone in their own struggles and seen when they listen to it.”

“Signs” is a brave song. It’s always a bold valiancy to put one’s pain on display in any dimension, but when you add in the factor that it was a bi-product of self-expression and creativity, genius becomes reverenced. Such makes “Signs” way more than merely meets the listening eye. If you ask me, “Signs” is a telltale sign of who Leon Else was, is, and will likely be: a bonafide star.

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