As many music love stories go, Kyan Palmer and nicopop. first connected when their managers set them up for a songwriting session. Palmer’s poetic songwriting and R&B vocals were an instant fit with nicopop.’s future-pop production, and over the past year the duo have penned hundreds of songs together. While most of their tracks have primarily been for pitch purposes, Palmer and nicopop. have selected some of their favorite tracks to unveil throughout 2019. 

To kick off the project, the duo will be releasing their first single “Unofficial Lover” on January 18th, with plenty more delectable pop anthems to come. 


Arizona-bred, LA-based Kyan Palmer has had a massive year with the release of his debut EP, Burn Mona LisaThe EP was named after Palmer’s breakout single, “Burn Mona Lisa,” which was released while Palmer was working as a marketing assistant at Republic Records. With no expectations and no team behind him, the debut single took a life of its own, rapidly amassing over 3 million streams and hitting the viral Spotify charts in the US, Canada, and Singapore. 

Known for his buoyant melodies, poignant lyricism, and soulful R&B vocals, Palmer has become a sought-after LA songwriter, writing with the likes of Timeflies, Aiden Alexander, Sam Fischer, and Sleeping Lion, and attending writing camps for stars such as PRETTYMUCH and Little Mix.

With strong praise coming in from tastemakers such as Z100, Cliche Magazine, Substream Magazine, Nest HQ, Pop Dust, Atwood Magazine, and more, Kyan Palmer is sure to have another victorious year ahead. 


Drawing inspiration from the visual over stimulation of the early 2000s, electronic artist, animator, and producer nicopop. is the answer to two decades of pop culture obsession. nicopop.’s effervescent pop sound is fun, danceable, addictive, and flawlessly produced. It’s old meets new; it’s y2k meets Gen Z. 

Growing up in the heyday of Britney Spears and inspired by today’s Poppy, Kim Petras, and Lil Miquela, nicopop. has fused a born-on-the-Internet aesthetic with an exciting sound. He bridges the gap between self-awareness and self-obsession, redefining pop music and pop culture for the millennial generation with each new release, new visual, and new social media post. 

Since the unveiling of the nicopop. project this past summer, the praise has already been flying in from key tastemakers such as Buzzfeed and Billboard, as well as a multitude of HypeM blogs. With more original music on the way and writing credits on songs with Naomi Wild, Kyan Palmer and Evalyn, there is no doubt that nicopop. will soon be the quintessential sound of pop.