PHILADELPHIA, PA | OCTOBER 17, 2018 – Philadelphia alt rock band Knightlife have announced the upcoming release of their new LP “Forever Fight,” out on all digital platforms Oct 26. A cool combination of classic rock influences and modern alternative, Knightlife brings thick vocal textures and lyrical depth to the mix on “Forever Fight.”  About the album, the band states:

“We feel like we captured a sound on our debut LP. A lot of the early work featured Aaron producing so many vocal harmonies (Tangerines, Molly Ringwald, Long Way Down) that the technique became a style and a point of sound production for the band. We harnessed Aaron ability to vocally create a thick and wide texture, that before his incorporation may have been lacking.”

Knightlife is an alternative-rock band from Philadelphia. There are five members of the band. Bruce, Rich, and Aaron are the creative forces and performing artists on “Forever Fight”, Knightlife’s debut LP. Anthony and Blaine are live musicians, and whether it is gang vocals or small guitar licks they have influence on studio projects and the band as a whole. Bruce and Rich have been writing songs together for upwards of five years; mutually experiencing changes in life has benefitted their sound, meaningfulness, and direction. Themes of identity and self-actualization run rapid on their debut.

When the duo met Aaron his role was only to be Knightlife’s studio engineer and producer. After the first couple of sessions Aaron began to take on a larger commitment to the group becoming their singer and studio drummer. Aaron also offered a wealth of experience and insight into the producing and recording, that at the time Bruce and Rich were lacking. The trio strove to compose songs that explore interpersonal relationships and coming of age developments during those early 20’s parts of life.

During the recording process of “Forever Fight” Knightlife became consumed by setting a mature sound as their precedent. The entirety of the record was written and recorded at Aaron’s home studio, located in Wallingford PA. Knightlife’s life-span is unbound. They will be releasing their debut LP “Forever Fight” on Oct. 26, the release celebration will be Nov. 1st at The Grape Room.