LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM—KD Mukasa, a London-based art dealer for the world’s most prestigious Award Winning artists is releasing a rap album – Dear Little Homie.

A seamless blend of classical music and hip hop, the nine-song LP supports KD’s Aletheia Art x STEM exhibition scheduled to take place at the Saatchi Art Gallery in October 2020. Both the exhibition and album have similar goals -to free young minds from their own limitations and broaden horizons.

Dear Little Homie paints a picture of hope and an ‘anything is possible’ mentality that makes dreams come true.

This is represented further in his art exhibition, which celebrates ‘superstar’ women from art and STEM.

The exhibition is in collaboration with female visionaries from NASA, MIT, Marvel’s Black Panther Film and UK based charity Generating Genius.

The track ‘My Brothers’ talks about unity and the walls we put up between ourselves.

Meanwhile ‘The Highest’ touches upon the search for new heroes and role models.

With the art exhibition designed to attract diverse audiences and shine light on multi-disciplinary trailblazers, the exhibition and album draw inspiration from similar roots.

It’s significant then that throughout the album, we’re fed flavours from different cultures, influenced by the Londoner’s travels throughout the world.

The art exhibit is part of the 350 Project—a long-term Verde Cultura project which aims to celebrate 350 modern renaissance women via art.

Dear Little Homie is available for pre-order now at and will officially be released on January 31, 2020.