Today, Julia Ryan releases her debut EP Unfolding Soul, a soulful take on the up and downs of love, life and happiness through multiple lenses.

“The name Unfolding Soul came from the process of creating my artistry. It stems from the organic process that unfolds from experiences performing, writing and collaborating with other musicians and artists…” says Julia.

In the first song off the EP, “To The Top,” we see two different analogies. First, the lyrics are reminiscent of the idea of past memories and experiences making a person who they are today. The second, a simple analogy for going back to the beginning of a song or to the top.

“Beg” recounts a story on unfaithfulness and heartbreak. In a recent interview with Vents Magazine, Julia says that the song was actually inspired by the film ‘Sliding Doors’ and the moment when Gwyneth Paltrow walks in on her boyfriend cheating after a long days work. Julia recounts “wanting to write about living multiple lives” within the song which fit the overall theme of the movie.

“Slow It Down” is a reflection song that talks about learning to love yourself, even if you truly have to slow yourself down to think about the things going on around you and how they change you as a person. Is really begs the question: Who are you when no one else is looking? Julia is trying to find the answer in this track.

“Drowned” is a love song that touches on falling so hard for someone that it feels like you’re drowning, there’s no air when this person is around because they’ve literally taken your breath away. Julia talks about the exhilarating feeling of being so in love that this time it feels okay to fall.

“Something New” talks about the brighter side of love. “You make me feel like something new,” is repeated throughout the song as Julia sings about all of the good vibes that a person has brought into her life.

“Cigarette Stains” is a bonus track on the EP that was recorded live from one of Julia’s shows. The song talks about someone who takes out all of their problems through smoking, the tips of the ashes representing each challenge as they hit the bottom of the ashtray. Julia sings about watching someone degenerate right in front of her as they take on more and more of this habit. This track also shows Julia’s vulnerable side and she almost “puts it all out there” with how she feel about this person, what they are doing to themselves and the regret that she feels not doing something bigger or stronger to stop it.

“This EP is my first attempt of recording and releasing my art, and ultimately felt like I was unfolding my soul to the world for the first time, Unfolding Soul. The darkness and light of life allows us to unfold pieces of who we are. Therefore, when picking the songs for the EP I wanted to share a mix of different angles of emotions of the human experience.”

Listen To Unfolding Soul below!

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