Fresh off the back of his April release ‘BRADENTON’, Johnny (From the Burbs) is back with another single, set for release this Thursday 17th May. PROVISIONS is a B-side with an A-side attitude – taking a note from the aggressive and hyper-aware hip-hop of Sydney’s underground, Johnny (From the Burbs) delivers an eclectic and passionate performance on an entirely self- produced beat.

Produced, mixed and mastered by himself, PROVISIONS will be coupled with a music video shot and edited by Joshua Regoli – a Sydney-based director and editor. The PROVISIONS music video will be premiering the week following the single release.

2018 has seen Johnny (From the Burbs) release his sophomore mixtape ‘BRADENTON’ to cult praise, garnering press attention and airplay from FBi Radio, The Partae, The Haze Mag, Elicit Magazine, as well as being featured in local web shows [The Sound Down Unda].

PROVISIONS is an extension of the sounds heard on BRADENTON – It is every bit as rich and layered with its production. However, Johnny trades the clean and polished aesthetic from BRADENTON for a raw, dirty and punchy sound on PROVISIONS. Lyrically, the track continues to delve deeper into JFTB’s views on personal success, his role in music and content creation, as well as touching on political and social issues he holds close to him such i.e. gun control and corporate greed. Johnny (From the Burbs) once again delivers a track which will continue to develop his unique sound. This one is not for the faint of hearted.

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