NASHVILLE, Tennessee (October 5, 2018)— “’Buried in New York‘ draws from a legacy of cinematic, star-gazing synth pop from the past and present, spanning the twinkly modern-pop sound of Troye Sivan and the grandiose feel of Explosions in the Sky,” Billboard‘s Joshua Bote wrote on Thursday. “In the video, he revisits the sites of his heartbreaks— the bedrooms, the rooftop parties, and the clubs— where he fell in and out of love, as if he were a specter examining the most painful memories and defusing the sadness that comes with them. His memories are lit with stark, dramatic lighting, inspired by the brightly-colored, desolate aesthetics of Spring Breakers and Blade Runner. In going back, he’s marching on without the losses of his past holding him back.”

The industry heavy hitter premiered the new single and accompanying clip yesterday, marking the move to a more polished pop sound for the Nashville-based singer-songwriter.

Carl’s alternative-tinged 2016 EP, Survive, was heavy on organics, and also heavy in rotation. The album racked up over 1 million streams on Spotifyalone, earning the soulful crooner a spot on The Tennessean’s “Artists to Watch” list without the aid of any marketing or PR boosts. But even though his new material sees him swapping more acoustic elements in favor of slick synth beats, Carl’s new brand of pop doesn’t skimp on authenticity.

“I think the reason I’ve fought so hard to find myself is so no one can ever say I’m something else,” he admits. “I don’t know if my music sounds like something you’ve never heard before. It probably doesn’t. There’s so much out there nowadays, but what I hope sets my music apart is its voice… its perspective and courage… courage to be itself, to explore the depths of light and darkness the human experience has to offer, to invite you in, not just for my journey, but for your own. My music starts with me alone in a bedroom trying to figure out an emotion, but it ends with something much bigger than me… discovery… of something true, something learned, something shared by us all… a sense of commonality. ‘Cause again, we’re all sitting at the same table playing the same goddamn game. My music’s just my attempt at sharing the experience so we all, or maybe even just so I, can feel a little less alone.”

“Buried in New York” is available now via SoundCloudSpotifyApple MusicAmazonTidalDeezer, and Google Play, with the accompanying music video streaming on YouTube.