Review by Jamie Glenn

San Diego, California native Jake Angeles returns with his second single “Maybe Someday” that showcases a side of  Angeles that is much more polished, vulnerable and emotionally-driven. After his music debut with Steele 11 and Rossa on electro-rap track “Blessed,” this new song gives listeners the chance to dig deep about a past relationship that went sour and to make the most out of a lost love.

The vocal range demonstrated by Angeles in his first release was fun, light and got a solid green light from many fans far and wide, but with latest single “Maybe Someday” we hear a more vulnerable, stripped-down side of Angeles. The emotion conveyed throughout this track can’t help but to make you feel for the guy, especially in lyrical moments like, “I’ve been down, so far on my own, so tell me why it ends like this.” It’s here where the track hits listeners the hardest allowing Angeles to really dig deep into how hurt he’s feeling. The message behind the lyrical content of this song is relatable for so many listeners; We’ve all been there, we’ve all had to push through a heartbreak,  Angeles makes that feel a bit more graceful.

Artists so often want to make sure that their first track is a song for the masses, a song that hits all the sweet spots by dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s and yes, “Blessed” reaches that mark, but with this second single from  Angeles we hear a much stronger delivery in sound. With a trenching piano backdrop, matched alongside a vocal delivery that hits you where it hurts especially with moments like, “Left me broken, left me scarred, it’s all the same when it gets this hard,” are where  Angeles shines the most.

Moments like, “Times before, when we used to hang/ you told me to laugh, you told me it was okay./ Now you’re gone it doesn’t feel the same,” speak of a lighter and sweeter time for the two. While this reflection from Angeles may come off as a bit sad, he does deliver a glimpse of hope throughout the chorus of this track with “I don’t wanna love someone if they ain’t got love for me, / I don’t wanna love someone who ain’t got faith in me,”allows listeners to hear their own self-worth.  Angeles uses his heartbreak as an opportunity to let others know that love is hopeful and life is too bright to give up the fight.

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